The Journey of Casinos

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If there is someone who has presented Casinos in a very glamorous and in a very beautiful way then its Hollywood. Hollywood has many successful movies based on casinos. Casino is a place where gambling games are played at times hosted with entertainment like music or sport. Though casinos are not unknown to many but not many know how it started at first place. Through its entire journey casino have evolved and become more entertaining. Being considered not good in terms of its possible adverse effects, it has still been a favorite leisure for many.

The Journey

The origin of Casino is not known by many but the name casino has originated from Italian word’ casa’, where casinos were played for leisure in town buildings with other leisure provisions like music and dance. Eventually casino gained more fame and was available in other public buildings accompanied by other activities like sport and music. If we look at history almost in every country gambling has been mentioned about, which derives that gambling has been a part of the society from a very long time. Where In America, gambling houses were termed as saloons. These saloons were a combination of Pub and gambling house meant for travelers to spend time. However during early 1900’s it was banned in the country. But post 1930 State like Nevada legalized it followed by New Jersey in later years. Casino first was played for leisure purpose but not it is played for money, where once can win by chance. The Casino these days are not necessarily set up separate, many are combined with hotels or cruise, or shopping places. The casino these days also provide world class services apart from gaming like Spas, bars and have pleasing interiors.122


The games

The famous games that are played in casinos are :

* Poker

* Slots

* Roulette

* Wheel of fortune

The new evolution of casinos is online casino which is getting viral these days. One best online casinos with variety of games and pleasing graphics you get to experience the best. The online casinos provide almost the same experience as casinos on land and are easy access to all. The company designing software is named Net Entertainment (NetEnt) Casinos

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