Free Bingo Games at New Look Bingo

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Online bingo industry is booming and each month there’s an introduction of atleast a couple of new bingo sites. Then there are a whole lot of sites which undergo a facelift thus improving their stand in the bingo world all the more. One such site is New Look Bingo. For those who are veterans in the bingo world and have played at New Look Bingo would know the vast difference between the current and previous look of the site. Previously the site was all blue and white and had a childish look. In fact the colour combination and theme took away the seriousness of the site. It didn’t really seem that people play there for real money. But, all that was changed around December 2014 when the entire site layout was changed and the colour combination was changed to green and brown. The logo was given a complete makeover and was made into a simple one with a basic font. Overall the sit received the much needed business like appearance and we say it’s quiet appreciable.

At New Look Bingo you can play 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo and even 75 ball bingo. Then there are slot games, casino games, scratch card games and freebets. Apart from these regulars there are also two rooms specially set apart for you to play free bingo games. Networked players can play these games from 6pm to 10pm but registered players of New Look Bingo can play from 10pm to 1pm.

The promotional offers are quiet exciting at New Look Bingo because each day of the week has something new to look forward to. February being the love month has been made all the more exciting with lots of offers all related to Valentine’s Day. Throughout February you can win huge jackpots upto £1000, cashback offers where you can get back upto 20% of your deposits. Also there are some other offers like liking and following them on Facebook and Twitter would get you 100 free bingo cards each. Also subscribe to their blog section and grab 500 free spins as your gift.


Roulette rules

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There are varieties of games in the online casino web sites and constant researches are going on innovating newer games and include them in the online casino sites. Among all the games of chances played in the online casino houses the games of online roulette is the most popular one. This is also confirmed by the occurrences of frequent references of the games of roulette in all the Hollywood crime movies. The roulette is quite an interesting game and is said to have evolved from the scientific experiments of the scientists of the bygone era.

The rules are very important in the games of roulette


It is very important for the players to get acquainted with the rules of the game before starting to play the game as otherwise it will not be possible to play the game in a constructive manner. The roulette is a kind of table game and the players numbering six to eight sit around a wheel which is called the roulette wheel. The wheel has been constructed in such a way so that it has numbers of pockets at its center which are colored for easy visibility. Numbers of balls colored in red and black are placed on the periphery of the wheel. The play master is the person who gives the initial rotation to the wheel when the balls also roll along the periphery of the wheel. The wheel gradually starts to slow down and with it the balls also rolls towards the centre and get accumulated in the pockets. The uncertainty lies in the pockets where the balls would roll back. So the wagering also has to be on the number of the colored pockets or combinations of the pockets.


The players also have to know the wagering strategies which will be narrated in another article on the subject of online roulette rules.

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